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JK Dance Studio - Medal Exams.

S.A.D.T.A. Line Dance Medal Tests.

We are a registered member of the S.A.D.T.A. (South African Dance Teachers' Association)

  • The S.A.D.T.A. offers Line Dancing Medal Tests every year to help dances improve their skills.
  • We train and enter students who want to do these tests. (They are very beneficial to your dancing)
  • Students are issued with a certificate and a comments sheet after completion of each test.
  • We are proud to have Jayne as one of the S.A.D.T.A. registered Medal Test Examiners.
  • We have students on all levels and some who have already completed the Medal Test syllabus.
  • Scroll down to see Medal Tests offered by the SADTA.

Medal Test Levels offered by the SADTA

  • Tiny Tots
  • Pre-Teens
  • Social Bronze, Bronze Bar and Bronze Medal.
  • Silver Bar and Silver Medal.
  • Gold Bar, Gold Medal and Golden Scroll.
  • Blue Riband.
  • Emerald Star.


Each level become more involved and requires the dancer to be able to use more technique the further up they go.  They are also tested on more dances in each level.  e.g. In Social Bronze you only have to learn perform one dance but in Blue Riband and Emerald Start the dancer has to perform five dances for their test.

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